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Apr 17, 2013 4:30am PDT
to be playing in. >> the warriors, they're going to wrap up their regular season tonight in portland, taking on the portland trailblazers. all eyes sure to be on stefan curry, just two three-pointers away. ray allen hold that is record with 269 back in the 2005-2006 season. curry is certainly having a career season for golden state, shooting 46% from beyond the arch, averaging 3 1/2 three-pointers per game. not bad. portland at 7:30. >> kidd has been on fire. >> for the nfl, that draft just around the corner. quarterback with a very familiar name taking the field in hopes of getting the 49ers attention. the name's montana, nate montana. we're talking about the son of nfl legend hall of famer joe montana. his son, working out at the practice facility in santa clara as part of the 49ers pro day. this has to be a thrill for that entire family. kind of bounced around, four different schools, including his dad's alma mater, notre dame. found consistent playing time at west virginia wesleyan, leading the conference in passing yards and touchdowns. kind of looks like him, too. >> he has those eyes
Apr 11, 2013 4:00am PDT
put portland should be fairly quiet. most of california nation and sunny as well. temperaturewise, upper 50s in the northwest. 60s in the central oregon. 70s, though, in l.a. today and 80s in the desert southwest. so that's where all the warm air is in the west coast, and we should see that cooler air, though, start to settle in cali most of the california will be in 60s and 70s. 88 degrees in yuma, arizona. so it is going to continue to be a little unsettled in the northwest. again, the big story is the snow in the northern plains and that heavy rain possible today in the gulf. >> it's crazy. great for ski resorts. but the rest of us, where is spring. >> i think a lot of us are ready for the ski resorts to shut down. pack it up. it is mid-april. >>> and will they continue to search today? plus pain and your brain. >>> and a place where a new bridge has a real fire-breathing dragon. "early today" is back in two. >>> welcome back to "early today." we got the latest results from a new nbc/wall street journal poll which shows president obama's approval rating has fallen below 50%. th
Apr 30, 2013 12:00pm EDT
upon portland and sets a bunch of undead loose on the city of portland, towards the very end of the season. tonight is a different story. building towards the end of the season there is an army of the undead coming after nic, and we get caught in the crossfire. >> i'm scared already. each show has viewers on the edge of their seats. are you amazed by what your writers come up with week in and week out? >> yes, absolutely. it is so gory for network television. it is always kind of -- i think our writers and creators have a very dark humor, and i think they get a kick out of seeing what they can get onto the screens. >> do you ever have trouble sleeping, either of you? --i am just a little nerve no, the reason it is hard to sleep is that i drink probably about a gallon of coffee a day. it is not about the story, just about what fuels me through the day. > got to do something, right? i certainly know the caffeine thing. >> good coffee and portland. can be seen tuesday nights at 10:00 on wbal-tv 11. hospital in turkey says that the first woman to receive a donor womb is the six w
Apr 17, 2013 10:30am PDT
that developer return fda law has real constraints so we're using the portland value to pay developer return. there will be in the districts literally hundreds of thousands of the dollars available after the infrastructure has been fined so in the year thirty there be significant amounts of funds available so the seawall will be funded as well >> thank you for your presentation just a question. could you walk us through an example of how this about be carried out on rapid, you know, reimbursements. >> yes. i actually have sort of the cost estimates for infrastructure investment in each of the 3 big projects that are coming a little bit after this slide so when i get to those slides i'll talk about how the developer will justice the equity and then how we will buy the infrastructure. so we think there's a big policy call to be made about where the excess fund also the city seawall is beyond it's life so the city may want to make improvements to the city seawall. i'll skip over that. the p the p the pay increment will be available. it's important that we have is a mechanism in place to be a
Apr 30, 2013 8:30am EDT
to hang out with carry all of the time, we got along really well, she lives in portland. i would go out there, we started making these videos for no reason. you know, just because like i was on snl, but i was like let's just do this for fun. and she thinks along the same lines i just want to work all the time. let's work on this. it's like an art project. we started making these videos that had no punch line or jokes, just weird little short -- >> your sense of humor. >> yeah. then little by little we had a collection of, including the feminist book store ladies -- [laughter]. -- >> any of the character -- many of the characters in portlandia were actually stuff -- >> a new. >> all of this stuff we just put it on the website for no reason. i remember my manager just being, you know, this is -- this is show biz talk, i hope you don't mind me saying my manager, what else do you want to do outside of snl. i was like what about thunder man, turn that into something. we pitched it, pitched it to lorne and then [indiscernible] and then ifc, next thing we know we are doing portlandia. >> it oc
Apr 23, 2013 4:00am PDT
get a good dose of rain throughout this month from portland northwards up into washington state. we really needed it for the water supplies in the central portions of california and the sierra. it didn't happen this year, and it's not going to happen any time soon as you'll have a nice typical spring portland, no complaints of 68 and sunny. 68 and sunny is warmer than many areas in the midwest. >> you're good at this stuff. you should stick with weather. i like it. >> we'll see how it goes. >> i'll stay away, totally wrong based on what you were telling us there. >>> planes delayed because of furloughs, but that's not the only thing affected travel. >>> busted. one of the fbi's most wanted and toughed. >>> details you definitely want to hear about. "early today" is back in two. >>> welcome back to "early today." stories making the news for you. a former d.c. public school teacher who made it on to the fbi's ten most wanted list has been captured in central america. nicaraguan police arrested eric toth on charges of producing child pornography. >>> the tsa has delayed a controversial
Apr 25, 2013 4:00am PDT
and gorgeous, interior california. look at medford. 85. portland at 76. a couple more clouds to keep it cooler up around seattle. l.a., hopefully, we will get a little morshasta. even you at 76. cool on the ka california coast. look the acrescent city in the 50s. >> this has been a goorchs week of weather in the west for most areas. >> yeah. >> the northwest this weekend, eke. >> yeah. that little green in l.a. is a big deal. i lived there. >> that tiny shower. it hasn't rained. very dry. >>> one of the world's most wonder drus structures destroyed by war. a $100 billion deal is brewing on wall street. >>> plus, a massive mulch fire lights up the nation's sky at the nation's capital. "early today" is back in two minutes. >>> welcome back to "early today." rescuers are still racing to search for survivors after a factory building collapsed in bangladesh. the death toll has risen to more to 194. no word yet on the cause. >>> the syrian government says opposition forces are responsible for destroying a mosque dating back to the 12th century. am muir amateur video shows piles of rubble where the m
Apr 29, 2013 4:00am PDT
of the wet weather is in the southeast and the northwest. although up across seattle and down into portland, also east into northern idaho, we are seeing lighter rain at this point. we're not going to see heavy torrential downpours or anything like that. we still have mountain snow falling out that way, too. a look at expected rainfall over the next 24 hours brings it up to around a quarter of an inch. could be closer to a half inch in bellingham, washington. we are looking for warm temperatures, though. yesterday phoenix hit their first 100-degree day of the season. today they should get up to 103. vegas yesterday broke a record at 97 degrees. and it looks like they should break a record today, too, with an expected high of 100 degrees. it is real warm in the southwest. and eventually as we go into tomorrow, any of the showers in the northwest should come to an end. you'll see mild across californ, arizona, flagstaff should hit 75. >>> the heat in the southwest. finally that heat moving into the plains, too. that's part of the reason we're seeing all that snow melt near fargo. it's warm fo
Apr 10, 2013 4:00am PDT
morning. seattle to bellingham all along i-5 to portland a little later this morning. again, it's only going to last for a couple hours, but there will be a moderate burst where we could get up to a half inch of rain. more towards bellingham. the front will cross the cascades. behind it, it will be windy and breezy. that's what's going to happen in the northwest. none of that rainfall heads for california where we're starting to warm up a little bit. should be a beautiful, sunny day. umbrellas in the northwest and sunglasses down in the west. that's a look at your national d of rain this morning. and then the days ahead, just a couple chances of showers. >>> so again, the big story in the middle of the country obviously with the crazy extremes, but in the northwest, a little bit of rain for the flowers. >> i'm not putting my winter coat away yet. >> not yet. >> not just yet. >> i already did. >> thank you, bill. >> i refuse. >>> is texting while flying the blame for a crash? >>> mel nova survivors. and a billion-dollar gift of art some of you may have helped to bankroll. details when "
Apr 22, 2013 10:44am PDT
will have 400 bikes and 400 bikes and portland a city with two thirds of our population will have 75 stations and 7500 bikes. i don't want to see san francisco fall behind and we know this type of program requires a certain size in order to ensure its success, so it's important that we establish this pilot, and in my view that we quickly build on it, so with that i want to welcome the mta. , staff from mta who have been spear heading this pilot and talk to what we're doing and what we can expect in the future and colleagues we have a resolution before us that encourages the mta to move quickly and expeditiously to expand on the pilot so if there are no introductory comments colleagues we will turn it over to mr. mod ox from the mta. >> thank you supervisors. thank you for the opportunity to give a presentation on our efforts on bike sharing program so far. let's see if i can get this open . so again good afternoon. i am heath mat ox with the mta and i have been leading my agencies and the city's efforts to get a bike sharing program going in san francisco for the last several years
FOX Business
Apr 17, 2013 8:00pm EDT
analysts, processing images. walking through the portland, maine airport read before the 9/11 attacks. what is amazing about this is how sometimes looking at some of the obvious things that you and i might examine and say big deal, he can see things that everyone else will mess. as a result he can get to the bottom of a lot of disasters. it's good to have. much has been made of this picture prior to the explosion of what looks like a bag along the marathon route, near the end of the marathon. what do you look for in that image that is now becoming almost iconic? >> well, you're right. it is iconic, but does it mean anything? everybody looks at this package, this bag, this object because it is sitting beside this mailbox. a suspicious. and it is also directly in the location where one of the bonds was ignited. if we look at this image, an image that we can get from the media or from the public, the quality is very poor. this is the imagery can see before the explosion. if you look at the image after the explosion is a big hole in the area. you can see there to the left of the no box. it's al
Apr 28, 2013 6:00pm EDT
he erupts all of the great cities of the northwest united states like seattle and portland and san francisco and self of vancouver, they will be buried under hundreds of feet of ash. don't worry because it will be at least 250 fils and years by time humankind will be totally extinct. everybody was relieved except for this woman in the front row who got sort of red faced and she said even americans will be extinct? [laughter] we will certainly be extinct in 170 million, even americans. [laughter] it has a life span, toole life span of of 4 million, and more or less in the middle of that period where we are now, there is a very slim in geological times a period of 200,000 years when humankind in habits the ocean and that is the period that i concentrate on because that is where the rich stories come from and of the way that i decided to organize that because hell on earth to try to turn these into some sort of order, it was given to me by shakespeare, a man that never went to sea and was completely unaware of the existence and never went on a boat as far as we know but nonetheless, i
Apr 26, 2013 9:00pm PDT
to do with, like, mt. st. helens? - well, if he did, i'd hate to think what he'd do to portland. - assuming what we saw tonight is what's in the book, any suggestions? - i don't think we'll be able to fight fire with fire on this one. - well, markus knows more about him than anybody. - well, it's worth a try. you in? - to save portland? hell, yeah. - that's him. where did you get this? - that is not important. what is important is we need to find a way to stop him. - he can't be stopped. - well, we have to try. now we're going back up that mountain. - you won't find him. - we're hoping he finds us after we pick up a few more of his rocks. - are you crazy? you saw what happened! - we want you to go back up there with us. - don't you understand? this is a force of nature. might as well try and stop a hurricane. - where does he come from? - i don't know. somewhere inside the mountain. trust me, i tried. i could never find out. - how does he find the ones who steal from him? - he knows somehow. he--he's connected to the earth in a way i-i still don't understand. - come on, you've be
Apr 18, 2013 6:00pm PDT
equipos porque los seattles tendrian a los soniz y san francisco a kings , portland vence , 272 supera a allen en 2005 a 2006 golden state califica a postemporada jugara con denver >> en el oeste >> denver golden , domingo oklahoma houston , >> este >> (información en pantalla) >> nicks boston >> brooklyn chicago >> miami contra milwakke >> con empate a 0 an san francisco méxico tiene 5 empatados 3 en eliminatorias el 31 de mayo partido de preparcion en houston contra nigeria , los próximos partidos de méxico son (información en pantalla) >> barrieorn a los astos 7 a 5 y ahora van a jugar con tampa , okaland , micheal y long serán lanzadores en tmapa >> los de san francisco llegan mañana para jugar luego con arizona , padres tienen segunda posición con 9 ganados y 3 perdidos >> gracias , se acerca el día de la madres queremos agradecer a laas madres agradeciendo por la pantalla mande una foto diciendo que es lo
Apr 10, 2013 11:00pm PDT
and the sone of a ugun the last time this record was 19 36 the lakers beat portland. the warriors beat minnesota last night to clinch their first playoff berth since 2007, and just their 2nd in 19 years but celebration is short livedwith four games to go david lee and company need to win to hang onto the 6th spot and avoid drawing san antonio or oklahoma city in the 1st round warriors back at practice today - preparing for thunder and steph curry knows how important it is to keep on winning >> you have to and enjoy the process and each step along the way. at the same time it is a heck of an accomplishment. it was not just to win a game or get into the playoffs it is bigger. certainly, we are going to embrace each step of the way. >> we have been running this all night. we have confirmed that this rookie confirmed ifbaezmore this audi s5...a nice car...and a hazing incident involving popcorn.... tiger woods is looking for his fifth masters. arnold palmer or was there. jack nicklaus was there. and there were even 2 different hole in one's ... the augusta georgia ... >> pam: good nig
Apr 18, 2013 4:30am PDT
detention hearing and they will be back in court for june 4th. >>> last night the team beat portland. the nba playoffs, warriors are returning and mayor jean quan will be at central city plaza and there will be banners saying warriors is oakland ground. they are planning to move the team to san francisco. carnival chris line, -- carnals will spend more than $43 million to overhaul all of its ships and that will include the big power capability, back up systems could not provide basic plumbing functions or air conditions. we should mention didn't stefan curry break the record yesterday? >> yes, and he also made the new record and had a couple of more 3s and he is a record holder. >> i got that on my twitter account. >>> i have an update on the 1906 earthquake and at third and market they found a suspicious device and they have moved it out of london square and we are not sure what is happening with the area how the celebration has been moved to union square and this area on market street will remain closed until they clear it. >>> 880 southbound, it looks like they have moved it for r
Apr 1, 2013 4:00am PDT
the nation, pleasant in the northeast. the southeast dries out. there will be showers from portland to san francisco. rain for west texas. showers in denver and salt lake city. >> much chillier than unusual in the upper midwest. could be the coldest opening day on record for the minnesota twins, a high of about 35. phoenix and miami, in the mid 80s. >>> coming up, those thousands of dental patients who may have been exposed to hiv begin getting tested. now, they're speaking out. >>> plus the instant megamillionaire with the soft sport for his neighbors. how this lotto winner is showing his generous side. >>> and the really close call that ended okay. still, tough to watch. >>> welcome back. wall street gets back to work today after a three-day holiday in strong shape. the dow turned in the best quarterly performance in nearly two years, rising 11% since the first of the year. analysts say this is a sign that investors believe the economy is on the mend. they caution that markets are still volatile. investors should be prepared for declines. >>> a new anal lis by "usa today" shows the group
Apr 3, 2013 4:00am PDT
usual. minneapolis will be close to 50. warmer than usual in the pacific northwest and portland near 70. phoenix is a hot spot at 86 degrees. >>> all right, coming up, the big changes coming to new planes. how about less room in the rest room? >> plus, no joke. one airline's new plan to charge travelers by the pound. >>> and later in "the pulse," room with a view. a quarter mile above new york's ground zero. >>> fannie mae and freddie mac back in the black. the two mortgage lenders turned a record profit last year, their first in six years. the government took them over in 2008 with a $187 billion bailout, so some of that profit will be returned to taxpayers as dividends, but congress is still moving to dismantle them. the agency is back about 90% of all new mortgages. >>> the stock market soaring to new heights. the dow opens at 14,662 today. it's a record high after gaining 89 points yesterday. the s&p 500 begins trading at 1570. also a record high after an eight-point gain. strong reports on auto sales and factory orders driving those numbers up. >>> well, a small airline in the sout
FOX News
Apr 20, 2013 7:00am PDT
checking into the portland airport, that famous security footage where he's just whisking by security on his way with a date with destiny and terror. we're also doing that with these two alleged conspirators in this attack on boston, particularly with the older brother who was fingered by no less than the russian government as the guy we might want to talk to. security officials did, including the f.b.i our dog mcelway has been looking into that and joins us out of washington. what have got? >> the f.b.i.'s acknowledgment on friday that they interviewed the elder brother two years ago at the request of a foreign government will become a key focus in the days and weeks ahead. the f.b.i. itself did not identify the foreign government, but as you said, it's almost certainly russia whose extensive history of battling chechen terrorism would give them concern. it would not be coincidental that president putin spoke to president obama by phone yesterday to offer condolences over the terrorist attack. given tamerlan tsarnaev's extensive postings of jihaddist videos, it strikes some as pecul
Apr 15, 2013 10:00pm PDT
by 117 in phoenix, warriors beat portland wednesday. two games going on simultaneously, houston tarted eric -- started eric bedard to forget. first career home run to make it 6-0. he was hammered. as up 11-2 in the ninth inning. face off, unleashed pretty back end. fifth spot in the west. no drama tonight at the wnba draft, brittany was selected first overall by phoenix mercury this is interesting because mark cue bin the owner of the -- cuban owner of the dallas mavericks said she would be a good nba player -- >> he would be the one. >> publicity stunt. >> please. >> hey, it works pgh >>> >> have a good night ,, [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. this week, a crazy low price on tide, $10.99 for 100 ounces. skip the warehouse. quilted northern is $10.99 for 24 double rolls. and dryer's ice cream is just $2.99. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. we didn't have u-verse bac
Apr 21, 2013 10:00pm PDT
rain showers in portland parts of seattle but for the bay area we're high and dry and that's what's keeping us and these temperatures definitely on the more mild side. it looks like for the immediate future and even in our longer range forecast really not seeing any good chance of significant rain. so, your overnight lows a lot of mild temperatures 61 that's your overnight low in vallejo. 55 free months and pacifica 50 degrees. skies should be pretty clear once again. so for tomorrow we're going to see a repeat. hit repeat on today. maybe temperatures could be a degree or two warmer. so everywhere you see orange that generally means temperatures in the 80s. we're painting things pretty nice tomorrow as well. 77 in oakland, 90 in vallejo. and you can see the inland spots the warmest. 87 concord 86 in livermore. but even in pacific a reaching into the low 70s. your forecast over the next several days there is way you can expect. another nice day on tap for monday, and then we begin a gradual decrease in those temperatures. a cooling trend on the way. but again that high pressure re
Apr 5, 2013 11:00pm PDT
persona. >> se graduo con honores y estudio en una universidad en portland. >> represetnaria la comunidad de buena forma. >> la iglesia se lleno para rendir tributo. >> se tomo el tiempo para verni a ayudarme, con los mas chicos, tenia apoyo para ellos, mi niño era uno de ellos. >> dieron oportunidad para dar opinion. >> un joven educado que saco su diploma, estudio en la universidad, visita a su familia y lo matan. >> dicen que una persona le pregunto si estaba en una pandilla, pero lo confundieron. >> necesitamos paz para que no suceda. >> volveran a la misa san pedro y después dar descanso final. >> gracias, por segunda vez un policía disparo a una persona, un hombre que tenia una pistola falsa y había entrado a robar, salieron ds armados, uno con un cuchillo, recibe disparos en el hombro. >> un agente contrato un abogado en derechos civiles, representara al joven de 16 años cuando una bala de un policía le rozo la cara, los quisieron detener por que asaltaron un restaurante. >> el martes pasado alguien le disparo al paramedico cuando le dieron un tiro en la cabeza, no tienen pis
Apr 18, 2013 4:30am PDT
capping off the regular season with a win at portland. last night, all about this young man. steph curry sets a new record for three-pointers in a single season. he makes it 270 this year alone. curry finishes the season with 272 hoops from beyond the arc. nice work, young man. warriors win it, 99-88, setting up a first-round playoff match against the denver nuggets. here is ai look at that scheduled for the first four games of the best of seven series. game one saturday in denver at the pepsi center. the first home game for the warriors is a week from tomorrow. tickets, you are looking to go to the game, they go on sale here at oracle arena, go on sale saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. >> pretty exciting there. lelts check that morning commute with mike. how is it looking out there? >> we have major changes in the oakland area past the home of the warriors. steph curry stepping it up. we are stepping it down as far as the speeds go right now. northbound side, bottom of the screen. there was temporarily a full track. the arrow pointing over to the right. looks like folks are starting to mov
Apr 18, 2013 11:00am PDT
with a win in portland. last night was all about that guy, steph curry, number 30. he set a new record for three-pointers in a single season. he made it 270 this year, nailing a three-pointer in the second quarter. curry finished the season with 272 baskets from beyond the arc. warriors win 99-88 setting up a first-round match-up against the denver nuggets. four games in the best of seven series, game one is saturday in denver at the pepsi center. the first home game is a week from tomorrow. tickets for the games at oracle arena in oakland go on sale saturday morning at 10:00. >>> and then this, brand-new video into our newsroom. the city of oakland showing its pride for their warriors, raising the team flag at city hall. that's where it will continue to fly as long as the warriors keep their season alive in the playoffs. >>> coming up, the underwear made for summer weather. we'll show it to you after the break. >>> welcome back. japan's hot and humid summer is just around the corner and some department stores say they have just the thing for men to wear this summer, energy-saving unde
Apr 22, 2013 4:00am PDT
, especially during any long drives. sunshine all the way up through portland. 70 degrees, beautiful weather today, continues the trend that you had over the weekend. of course, we are looking at coastal clouds. even as we go into tomorrow, it will have a repeat. i know we didn't get the -- see, it's a problem, richard. we still didn't get enough wet weather and snow pack in the west over the winter. now it looks like it's done. >> at least it will be fun in the sun. >> yeah. >> we'll take that. >>> in sports, to defend miami's opening round against milwaukee, chris andersen rolling to the hoop for the slam there. and reahn that cheering on the heat who crushed the bucks, 110-87. look at those glasses. >>> in the west, san antonio got off to a strong start against the lakers cruising to a 91-79 win in game win of the series. >>> a big trade in the nfl as the jets send darrelle revis to tampa bay for the 13th overall pick in thursday's nfl draft and another pick in 2014. >>> and in baseball, in the 13th inning, the angels blasted a walkoff home run to left field, and los angeles beat the detr
Apr 4, 2013 4:00am PDT
more farther to the north. portland, about an inch of rain. seattle, one or two days with periods of rain. the forecast today, it's an umbrella day, definitely central california, north california. up into the west is where we're watching the rain especially later today and that will san diego, the l.a. area, berkeley and into areas of arizona and southern nevada, you'll be dry. >> in case you noticed, yuma, arizona, 94 today. you can find the warmth. you just have to drive to the desert. >>> bill, stick around for this one. amazing video that we've got to show our viewers. new york artist michael berken created this animation tribute. what is it -- yeah, he used post-it notes. 4800 of these babies to come exact. it took a lot of time. it took 96 days spread over an 11-month period to shoot the 5,722 still images that make up the video as i said was a guy who has got way too many pot post-its and a time. i was looking for a millipede. >>> obama is giving some back the salary. >>> great news for nfl fans. >>> 2 million cars recalled because of problems with air bags. >>> plus, does
Apr 12, 2013 4:00am PDT
-april. high temperatures, you'll be lucky to get into the low 50s in seattle. portland, same for you. about a half inch to three quarters of an inch in the cascades but less than that in the valley areas. much of california chilly but you're actually looking okay today. that's your nationalagain. tucson, that's more like it, 82. >>> weekend forecast coming up. >> thank you, bill. >> not bad. >> not bad is good. we like that. >>> a bizarre twist in the texas college stabbing case. >>> plus, the sun produces the biggest solar flare of the year. we'll tell you what effect it had on earth. you're watching "early today." >>> welcome back. here are some other stories we're watching. new numbers on same sex marriage from the latest nbc news "wall street journal" poll. 53% of americans now support same-sex marriage while 42% oppose it. the new information comes as delaware lawmakers introduced a bill thursday to legalize same-sex marriage in that state. delaware already recognizes civil unions. >>> jay-z has released a new track addressing his trip to cuba with wife beyonce. ♪ >> the white house
Mar 31, 2013 5:00pm PDT
to the hospital where he died. he attended lewis and clark college in portland, oregon, where he played football. >>> a 7-year-old boy is recovering in the hospital after being shot during a family barbecue in antioch. police say someone fired several shots into the backyard of a home on william reid avenue about 4:00 yesterday afternoon. the boy, visiting from out of town with his parents, was hit in the torso. no one else was hurt. authorities say it appears the shots were fired from an area near the d street overcrossing. if you have information on the shooting, call antioch police. >>> take a look at the weather right now. a nice start to easter here in the bay area. sunny skies for most of the morning. things are rapidly changing. let's check in with rob mayeda. tracking the rain and the thunder. >> that's right. we did see a lot of activity between mid-afternoon until the last hour or so. that activity has moved on towards the east. east of fairfield. intense, strong thunderstorm toward davis and a few showers along highway 4 toward concord. the more intense thunderstorms for now on the ea
Mar 31, 2013 6:00pm PDT
attended lewis and clark college in portland, oregon, where he played football. >>> a 7-year-old boy is recovering in the hospital this evening after being shot at during a family barbeque. police say someone fired shot shots into the backyard of a home on william reid avenue about 4:00 yesterday afternoon. the boy, who was visiting from out of town with his parent, was hit in the torso. no one else was hurt. >>> firefighters knocked down the second house fire in as many days in san pablo earlier this morning. broke out about 2:00 this morning on 12th street near broadway street. three adults who lived in the house initially escaped, but one went back inside to try and rescue two cats. that person was rushed to the hop with severe burns. firefighters were able to save one of the cats and estimated the home's damage at $200,000. >>> now to a story you'll only see here on nbc bay area. a san jose firefighter who nearly died on the job last year is heading back to work tomorrow. frank ryan had a heart attack while fighting flames at st. patrick cathedral near downtown san jose last augu
Apr 1, 2013 4:00am PDT
or portland, you have too much to worry about, just a slight chance of showers. upper level low still spinning off the coast. that's why we're keeping with this murky weather pattern. at most a tenth to a quarter of an inch. not much here in northern california and southern oregon. there's the chance of showers and the rain this morning in medford, but furthest to the north, you're dry. and also to the south, you're dry, too. that's a look at your n >>> this one little pesky storm will slowly move out this week and should have a decent forecast thursday. >> pesky it is. >>> live to cnbc for an outlook on your 401(k) stock portfolio. >>> nelson mandela, how he's doing today. >>> and massive flooding washes cars away as baseball fans everywhere rejoice. opening day is here. >>> welcome back to "early today." nelson mandela spent easter in a hospital. doctors saying the 94-year-old former president responding well to treatment for pneumonia. >>> a trooper's helicopter went down last night in alaska killing three people. it rescued a stranded snowmobiler on a nighttime mission but never made it ba
Apr 1, 2013 4:30am PDT
if he was in a gang, shooting him at the same time. so he attended lewis and clark college in portland, oregon, where he played football. police are still looking for the gunman. >>> this morning, bay area investigators still trying to figure out exactly what caused a tour bus to catch fire. only the driver was on board when the flames just started pouring out of the engine in vallejo last night. quite a scene there. nearby trees caught fire which in turn threatened an apartment complex. it was evacuated but no damage reported. the fire eventually shut down parts of interstate 80 for about 90 minutes. we are happy to report, nobody was hurt. >>> 4:34. four people are recovering from their injuries after a bizarre scene played out at a walmart in san jose. a driver crashed into the store and then starting attacking customers. our crews got to the walmart on story road as they were pulling the car out. it went about 30 feet into the store. look at that. the driver side swiped several cars in the parking lot before crashing through the entrance. police say he then got out of the car and s
Apr 18, 2013 4:30am PDT
who will make the second playoff appearance in 19 seasons. last night the warriors beat portland to secure the number 16 in the western conference setting up their first round series against the third seed nuggets with game one saturday in denver at 2:30 on our sister network. the warriors made history last night breaking the single season three-pointer record of ray allen. >> we were talking about the suspicious package on market street and we are just getting this word from san francisco police that the great earthquake commemoration event is on time as they check out package found around the 3 are street market street area. that was supposed to start at 5:12. after the boston attack you take no chances and check things out. >> we will now check out the weather forecast. >> without further ado we will open up the weather window and see what live doppler 7 hd has. >> we have dry air, calm air, a clear sky and cooler conditions. there are no radar runs because of that. our fastest winds are from the northeast at napa at eight miles per hour. we are still on the peninsula. sfo and
Apr 3, 2013 11:00am PDT
at archbishop riordan high school before playing football at lewis and clark in portland. there is a prayer service at the shooting scene. >> chevron says they have completed repairs to the richmond refinery after the big fire last year that broke out in august, damaging the unit for full operation of the refinery. chevron tells "contra costa times" it is waiting approval to restart the cute oil processing unit. the board of chevron is cutting the pay for the chief executive because of what they call "operating incidents" last year. >> caltran will reinspect hundreds of parts of the bay bridge on the east span, and the company behind the steel rods that bloke. dyson corporation made or supplied the bolts that went into construction of the new $6.5 billion span. last week, caltran disclosed a third of the rods snapped when workers tightened them in place. >> rebound will spend a couple of days in the bay area fundraising for the democratic party. he appeared at joint base andrews in maryland. the next stop is denver around 12:40 our time where some will hold a news conference to protester gu
Apr 3, 2013 11:00pm PDT
at archbishop reardon high school before going to lewis and clark college in portland. >> the sports man ship of his teammates all being here and everybody rallying behind him and lifting up his family members that are grieving right now. >> investigators think the shooter mistook him for a gang member. so far no one has been arrested. >>> a santa clara county paramedic remains in critical condition after being shot in the head yesterday. 34-year-old quinn boyer is being treated at highland hospital in oakland. boyer was shot yesterday on keller avenue in oakland. investigators say the shooter got out of another car and opened fire on boyer, hitting him at least twice. boyer sped off, crashing into a ravine. now, the shooter is still on the loose. investigators hope to talk with boyer when his condition improves. his fellow paramedics meantime, they are certainly used to seeing tragic situations, but it is difficult when a co-worker is the victim. >> they deal with tragedy on a daily basis. it is their job. they are there to help people. but when it hits one of their own it becomes a whole ot
Apr 4, 2013 4:30am PDT
was an athlete, an honor student at archbishop high school before going to lewis and clark college in portland. >> he was all about sportsmanship. the team rallyied around the family and lifted their spirits. >>the shooter is thought to mistake him for a gang member. no arrests have been made. >> if you report being released later this morning is expected to shed new light on why an oil tanker hit a tower of the bay bridge in january. the san francisco board of pilot commissioners is expected to release findings from the investigation this morning, the january 7 collision occur when the air force ray mar collided with the tower of the bay bridge on am foggy monday morning and the hull was crushed and the inner hall was intact. the crash damaged a bridge fender and the ntsb is also investigating the collision. >> cal take off for the final four in new orleans, with a pep rally send off planned at 10:30 at the pavilion on the berkeley campus facing louisville in a sell my final game on sunday. cal beat georgia in overtime to reach the final four for the first time in the history of the women's b
Apr 10, 2013 11:00am PDT
as the number one city for pet friendly hotels, and dog parts and portland and tucson were two and three and san francisco was ten. the only california city on the list was san francisco. >> part of the great highway is still shut down today as work crews try to clear the sand dumped on the road by highway winds. crews cleared tons of sand between skyline and near the zoo but the great highway remains closed today and one section after 75-mile-per-hour winds triggered a sandstorm on monday. >> calm now, though, right? the morning did not feel the winds and now we feel the warmth. >> without the winds do bring us the free air conditioning of the ocean it gets warm quick. from mount tamalpais to ocean beach the water temperatures in the low 50's but the air temperature could get into the 60's today. nice place to stay or nice play to get away from the heat if you don't like the mid-70's in downtown san francisco. that is what we are getting close to right now. live doppler 7 hd shows high pressure, a lack of clouds, it is dry right now. you need an umbrella to shade yourself from the strong sunshi
Apr 11, 2013 4:00am PDT
, the lakers up half a game on the jazz entering their matchup against portland and kobe bryant played like a man on a mission. hitting the three with a shot clock winding down and there was more from bryant in this one. under five to play, he hits a jumper and lakers up six. under a minute left, steve blake corrals the loose ball and gives it up to pau gasol who throws it up and lobs it to dwight howard and lakers get the 113-106 win. >>> the spurs trying to hang on to that top spot in the west taking on the nuggets. just over 30 seconds left in the first, huge block on gary neal and corey brewer finishes at the other end. he had 28 points. nuggets down 6. under a minute left in the third, duncan rejected by mcgee, then duncan rejected by wilson chandler. big fundamental. what's wrong? next possession, chandler goes right through the lane and throws it down. he had 29 points. nuggets win, 96-86. >>> to the diamond, the braves visiting the marlins. in the fifth inning, evan gaddic, he's been red hot and goes deep to left field, a three-run bomb, third home run of the season and second in as
Apr 15, 2013 4:00am PDT
in the area. rode conditions elsewhere, wet for seattle and portland. the sunshine state suffers a wet day. miami, orlando, jacksonville, have the wipers ready. same for oklahoma city. >>> airport delays possible in chicago, denver, salt lake city and san francisco. >>> there's a possible break into who murdered a d.a. and his wife in texas. a former justice of the peace, eric williams is the h custody. he's not been named as a suspect. authorities searched his home friday. he was prosecuted last year by williams for stealing computer monitors. anonymous e-mails threatening attacks have been traced back to williams. >>> mapping in los angeles, free meningitis vaccinations are be offered. they've teamed up with the aids foundation. the response is directed at gay men who are at risk for the infecti infection. >>> a brother and sister reported missing by their mother was later found in a neighbor's above-ground pool. the 7-year-old girl and 5-year-old boy were unconscious when pulled from the pool. the pool's owner had been cited for an improper fence. >>> well watchers in puget sound are ge
Apr 17, 2013 11:00pm PDT
. kaiser permanente. thrive. against the nuggets... steph curry need two three pointers against portland to break >>> it's official. the warriors start the playoffs saturday in denver against the nuets. tipoff at 2:30. needed two three-pointers to break the single season record. he finished with 272 total threes. he shot 31% for the game but the ones that went in, he did it in style. >>> giants in the house. the milwaukee pitcher had a no- hitter through the fisk inning. but a two high pressure run base hit up the middle. stayed that way until the ninth thrl they load the bases. 29-year-old pitcher blake lolly popped it. brew crew takes their second straight. e he was yanked... oakland wins 7-5... time for the wednesday night top five... the as scored six in the first winning off norris. oakland a winner today 7-5. >>> the giants run out of gas tonight. turn out it was in the bullpen. at number four, our exclusive international highlight of the night comes from the netherlands. >>> carlos gomez and nailed him way abucket of water. number two, the jazz were eliminated from the playoffs. g
Apr 21, 2013 6:30pm PDT
away from the bay area. maybe a few rain clouds throughout in portland. bay area, we are under high pressure. keeping us so high. the temperatures way above average for this time of the year. and we are looking out for the long range forecast and still not seeing a raindrop in sight. the overnight lows, will feel mild. the overnight low, 61 degrees. we are expecting clear skies for the most part. and, again, reaching into the fairly low 60s. and then tomorrow, painting a lot of orange. orange mean ace lot of 80s -- means a lot of 80s. sanfrancisco, 66. oakland should reach into the middle to upper 70s tomorrow. and then checking pacifica, they are reaching a high of 72. like i said, we are seeing sunshine, dry weather. it is because of the ridge of high pressure. we will see a gradual cooling trend. beginning on tuesday. 50s and 60s. >> beautiful inland. >> yes. >> thank you for that forecast. >> all right, thank you. >>> dennis is here. giants and a's involve inside sweeps but on opposite ends. >> yes. it is finally happening. he bat awakens and the latest on david lee and the rall
Apr 21, 2013 11:00pm PDT
area, a little bit of rain showers there in portland, parts of seattle. but, for the bay area we are high and try. that is what is keeping us in these temperatures on the more mild side. it looks like for the future and in the longer range forecast really not seeing good chance of significant rain. so, this is your overnight lows, what they look like. a lot of low temperatures, 61, the overnight low in vellijo. and skies should be clear, once again. so, for tomorrow, we are going to see a repeat. going to hit repeat on today. maybe the temperatures can be a degree or two warmer. everywhere you see orange that means the temperatures in the 80s. we are painting things pretty nice tomorrow as well. 77 in oakland, 90 in vellijo. the warmest, inland, 86 in livermore. but even in pacifica reaching into the low 70s. your forecast over the next several days, what you can expect. a nice day on tap for monday. then, we begin a decrease in the temperatures. the cooling trend on the way. but, again, high pressure remains in effect. it might be nice throughout the workweek. the temperatures b
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